High Five VIP Exclusive Career Fairs

Your organization ONLY, along with pre-screened qualified candidates, are invited to our career fairs. We tailor to your company needs by saving money, time, and most importantly, no more competition from other employers!

VIP Career Fairs

A Career Fair Designed for Your Organization

Prepare for a turnout of invited only candidates at our Career Fairs. While not the norm, and possibly totally unconventional employers know they have received candidates that have been screened by our organizations.  We host on-site and at private locations. 

While obviously, this is a more personal approach it also beats making someone wait for an hour or two for their two-minute interview with the accounting intern or bringing someone back for a full interview because you didn’t have time to screen everyone in person during the event.

VIP guest are invited to our career fairs


Some of our Guest Keynote Speakers

You’re organization is our priority


Our Career Fairs

  • We'll host private career fairs including student option only for entry-level/internship positions.
  • 25 minimum candidates invited to all career fairs based on your desired length of each meeting
  • No competition from other employers  


We Care about the Quality of Candidates

  • Candidates can learn from industry leaders/Personal Branding/Value Proposition/Networking Skills
  • Opportunity to connect with peers within the industry
  • Mock interview prep 
  • Elevator pitch