Reserve the first 45 min session of M.B.M.C and we’ll schedule the remaining together.

The quality of your leaders, from first-time supervisors to middle managers, determines the success of your business. With our experience in assessing and developing technical leaders, we can build the leadership capability you need now and for the future to ensure a steady supply of the right and ready leaders. 

Our clients have seen results with our 4 intensifying branding challenges. We include an intimate hands-on approach that not only improved their essential skills but also transformed the business by driving more productivity, engagement, and customer satisfaction. 

Where employees want their leadership journey to go is their challenge, the tools for developing the skills they need to reach their destination is their brand. 

The program consists of professional coaching, rigorous organization assignments, and much more.

 4 Weeks of One-on-One Challenging Coaching Sessions 

  • Connection: Understanding your environment & impactful communication

  • Curiosity: Tapping into your visionary mindset & harnessing your innovation

  • Commitment:  Letting your walls down, fostering empathy & building trust

  • Celebrate: Rewarding success. 

Challenge Yourself

The challenger will be selected by their supervisor and given the opportunity to confront the innovator skills that lie within. Leaders will also discover the potential to move themselves and the business forward. 

If you have questions before booking contact us. If you're serious about your employees growth, connect to see results *NYC & 25 miles outside or Hangouts/Skype/Facetime*